Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to have my tank pumped out but I don't know where it is.
A. Checking with the local health department for an as-built drawing of your system is the first step. If no records can be obtained we can locate your tank with a steel probe. In some cases an electronic locator is the most effective way to find the tank. Each pumper technician carries a locator on his truck.

Q. The town is requiring me to locate my system before I extend my deck or add on to my house. How can I find my system and its components?
A. We use the electronic locator and a locator snake to find the tank, distribution boxes and trenches. We mark components with stakes or marking paint and can fax a system sketch directly to the town hall if needed. Skips keeps records on file for future use.

Q. Do septic tank additives really work?
A. Additives are no substitute for proper maintenance and proper use of your system. Many additives on the market do little to aid in the breakdown of solids, and some may even hinder the natural bacteria in a septic system.

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